INSTRUCTIONS: How to add BSC Testnet to Metamask & receive funds to join Ookeenga Testnet

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3 min readSep 18, 2022

Testnet is a demo version of Ookeenga, relatively simulating the operation of the Blockchain network before the official release. This version is used to test, evaluate and fix errors. Ensure problem-free on official launch.

To start playing Ookeenga Testnet, all players are required to add BSC Testnet into Metamask.


STEP 1: Enter MetaMask extension on your browser > Access your account menu > Select “Settings”

STEP 2: In “Settings”, select the “Networks” tab > Click on “Add a network”

STEP 3: On the screen, fill in the following information:


  • After successfully adding the BSC Testnet network, you need to have the BNB Testnet to start using Testnet network’s features.
  • To receive 1 Testnet BNB, please visit the website:
  • Paste your wallet address in the box then select Give me BNB.

About Ookeenga

Ookeenga (OKG) is a 3D NFT gaming project which combines blockchain technology with breath-taking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay to create a uniquely immersive play-own-earn experience developed by CROS Gamestudio and published by SPORES Network.

OKG is set in a world where insects have evolved and built a massive civilization in an ancient forest called Glaik (The Sacred Forest), which is divided into 2 factions: the Akhah (Pureblood) and the Ahika (Mixedblood).

In this chaotic fantasy world, players will be able to build forces, develop their own tribes, and engage in fierce battles to hold dominion over the Forest.

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Ookeenga Official

Ookeenga is an immersive world-building NFT game with mesmerizing 3D graphics and addictive gameplay to create a uniquely immersive play-own-earn experience.